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Aluminum alloy materials. High-end quality metal body with good balance, Precision-machined with Smooth surface; Faster, more durable, more comfortable tactility.
Super Mini Design, 3CM size length. Perfect for discrete fidgeting. Take this spinner anywhere. Low profile, extremely well made, low noise level.
Excellent Finish, we guarantee you that people will ask you what you are playing with. With our premium finish, the fidget spinner will more than likely turn heads.
Premium Replaceable, Interchangeable R188 Bearings, if your bearings are damaged or dirty and no longer spins as long as before, simply remove the finger button and unscrew the bearing cover.
maintenance or replacement.
Great for people with restless hands, ADHD, anxiety, or forced neurosis. It will give you happiness and it provides a soothing effect to solve your stress.

This will move the same as a fidget spinner. The two fingers pinch the lock and force the main body to make the main body move.

This will move the same as a fidget spinner. The two fingers pinch the main body and force the lock to rotate the lock.

GAME 3: 
Disassemble the colorful gyro and then use a long lock to force the gyro to rotate.

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